No one should leave their values and passion at the door when they go to work. You shouldn’t have to in today’s world. That’s why, for interns, our positions provide key skills to learn and transfer to your next corporate job. For experienced woeking or retired professionals, our volunteer opportunities allow you to leverage a your specific skill or expertise to benefit a cause while gaining meaningful “good will” experiences lacking at most companies. We encourage you to find something of interest below and sign up.

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Board Member

Contact Person: Derick Stroman


We're currently accepting applications for new Board Members to help lead our cause!

Each of our board members is professionally employed and volunteer on our Board. We are seeking additional board members who can offer their knowledge and experience to a diverse team of volunteers and help in finding innovative solutions for Liberia’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

Get ready to learn. Working with YesLiberia will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn about a country rich in history and progress. Did you know that Liberia is the only African country founded by freed slaves from the USA or  that Liberia is the first African country to elect a female president? Liberia is also one of only two countries in the world in which young people are less educated than their parents. Let’s help to fix that!

We want your help. By actively participating in our Board discussions, you’ll help direct us along the path ahead. Some of your projects may include:

·        Developing and implementing strategies for our organization’s programs and operations.
·        Voting on issues discussed and holding the Board Chair accountable to the bylaws.
·        Contributing during our virtual meetings. (We hold a hour-long conference call each month.)
·        Sharing networks and opening doors for our organization, inviting others to contribute.
·        Building relationships with donors and supporters and advocating on our behalf.
·        Making a personal contribution to meet your financial commitment to our cause.
·        Attending our annual Board retreat in September or October!

Note: When you apply, we will respond to you right away. Please check your junk mail or spam box to ensure you receive our emails.

All spots have been filled.

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Board Member N/A N/A#1: Filled