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Prayers Coordinator

Contact Person: Derick Stroman


We’re searching for a Prayers Coordinator to support our mission!

Our Christian belief has always been a key factor in the work we do. From deciding on the programs we implement to the donors who cross our path each year, prayers has been our primary insurance for the work we do. As the Strengthen our cause. Gather members of the Harrisburg community in our common cause to deliver opportunities to children and communities in Liberia. Ask for the good fortune to continue and improve upon this work, so that we may serve many more. Coordinate with staff members at YesLiberia to ensure a united and productive Prayer Team.

In the past, we’ve had young people and grandparents praying for the organization, the community, and the children we serve. This time, we believe a Prayers Coordinator will help us  encourage more to continue praying for the work we do, the people we serve, and challenges that exist across several communities. 

Here’s what you’ll do. As the Prayer Team Coordinator, your responsibilities will include the following:
·       Researching local churches to identify the appropriate Point of Contacts (POCs)
·       Contacting  each POC by phone; Emailing interested POC specific prayer requests
·       Scheduling our founder to meet with each POCs or Prayer team to answer their questions
·       Helping identify and coordinating prayer teams per specific prayer requests
·       Updating prayer teams about the organization and for what they are specifically praying
·       Updating YesLiberia on prayer teams’ progress, challenges, or needs

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