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Why SportsUp?

Impacts lives on and off the fields | Evidence-based and Common-sense | Innovative and practical

Ever-Present Evidences

The inability to read/write at expected age levels, combined with the amazing passion for sports, especially soccer, are ever-present across all communities in Liberia. These facts allow us to apply a common-sense solution to engage and improve students’ abilities while increasing the love of sports across communities through our SportsUp program. We believe this SportsUP program will redefine lives because…

  • It empowers the beneficiaries and engages communities we are working with in Liberia
  • Passionate soccer fans/supporters exist across Liberia
  • Similar hybrid learning model has been proven elsewhere
  • It is community-driven, and instantly creates visible impacts
  • It is cost-effective, a service-learning approach, and sustainable


Number of focus groups held in targeted communities


Estimated number of students excited about program in 2013


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