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Into the Community

The community Jallah grew up in.


Our founder Jallah returned to the community he grew up in today and was able to connect with a number of different people during his time there.


One of those people, Elijah Johnson, was a neighbor in a community where Jallah grew up in Logan town. Elijah is now a mechanic and repairs the tires of various types of vehicles. He does these repairs with his bare hands and a self-made air machine.

Yassah – 13 year-old street vendor

Jallah also met Yassah who is a 13-year old girl that was working as a street vendor. Yassah asked Jallah to have her picture taken and for him to buy something from her. To the left you can see the picture of Yassah that she requested. Below a typical street scene is pictured. Trash covers many parts of the road in various areas of Liberia. Carts like the one pictured below are used to transport water from wells to homes and street businesses in Monrovia.

While in the community, Jallah also talked with an 11 year-old girl named Princess who is a student and loves studying science. She was Jallah’s company on his walk to the house he grew up in.

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Elijah Johnson who repairs various vehicles with his bare hands.

A typical street scene in Liberia
Our Founder Jallah pictured along with Elijah where he works.

Princess an 11 year-old student who loves science.

Cart for moving water from wells to homes or street businesses in Monrovia.