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Everything comes full circle. Twenty years after Jallah escaped The First Liberian Civil War to seek refuge in the United States, he’s still able to recall the clothes he was wearing on his back the day he left. Now that he’s been given the opportunity to return to his home country to make a major difference, he’s going full circle with the experience. Before heading back to Liberia, Jallah purchased a pair of pants and a shirt similar to what he wore when he fled the war. The clothes were a significant reminder of a painful past and present purpose of giving back to communities much like the ones he grew up in. On the day we arrived in Liberia, we hosted our first meeting with local volunteer team members at the YMCA of Liberia led by Alson Armah. At the end of the meeting, we sorted hundreds of items and school supplies brought for students across Liberia as all looked forward to the events ahead and the impact they would make on participants and volunteers alike.