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Jallah wanted to understand the full experience and challenges Liberian children go through just to walk to school, stay in class, and return home. A YESLiberia student, Emmanuel, and his family hosted Jallah for the day.

Jallah arrived at Emmanuel’s house early in the morning. He walked with Emmanuel to a well and drew water with him, the water his family would use to shower before getting dressed. Here’s a breakdown of how Jallah’s day ensued:

  • Jallah hangs out with Emmanuel’s family before walking their son to school
  • After dropping Emmanuel off, Jallah spends time with the principal, discussing ideas and experiences before walking Emmanuel back home from school
  • Jallah checks out a solar lantern given to Emmanuel’s family a few years ago and looks at Emmanuel’s mother’s garden
  • Jallah discusses challenges of life with Emmanuel, while walking him to school
  • Jallah peers at the bed that Emmanuel and his sister share
  • Jallah and YesLiberia’s volunteer members participate in student and parental engagement at the school
  • Jallah gets to know an entire first grade class and six grade class
  • Jallah was informed that one of YesLiberia’s scholarship recipients, Lilian, was selected to run in a national race in Liberia; he promised to buy her, a pair of spikes for 13-year-old Lillian, a track and field runner. There is a full blog dedicated to Lilian on this page.

Before our group left the GSA Road YMCA School’s campus, Emmanuel’s mother. showed up, unexpectedly. She had heard we would be on campus after school, meeting with scholarship recipients, and requested to speak with Jallah.

Through tears, she expressed her appreciation and support for Jallah and the entire YESLiberia team. The sincere gratitude left Jallah and several team members in tears. In the coming months, Emmanuel mother, and several other people, will be in a comprehensive video captured at the school during this visit. We could not be more grateful that a parent has become one of our strongest allies for Liberian education.