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About YesLiberia

To empower young people through meaningful service learning opportunities in education, healthcare, and technology.

Conviction created YesLiberia. Daily the needs of underprivileged are ignored. We ignore their struggles because it’s easier to deal with the more important things in our lives— like climbing the corporate ladder and saving money so we don’t become indigent. And some of us ignore their challenges because they bring back unpleasant memories we seek to repress. But disregarding the plight of the underprivileged yields no resolution. Then certain things happen to remind us their struggles exist no matter how hard we try to pretend our needs surpass theirs.

Jallah was convicted by several of those things over a short period of time. The prostitution of children in Thailand reminded him of Liberia. The rape and war in Congo reminded him of Liberia. The genocide in Rwanda reminded him of Liberia. He remembered his underprivileged past—a past where he was seen as less than elite based on his tribal and economic status and where his education came as a gift from the United Methodist Church.

Reminded, he became convicted to act and YesLiberia was founded to educate and help underprivileged Liberians whose plight he intimately understood. Over the years we’ve been blessed with amazing people like you because of the grace of God. And we look forward to doing more of this work with your help.


ACCOUNTABILITY- We believe in transparent communication. We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions. Projects are initiated with measurable indicators and are reported upon with integrity.


BENEVOLENCE- We believe that “paying it forward” creates a culture of generosity that improves the quality of life in the communities in which we work – at home and abroad.


COLLABORATION- We believe that a collaborative approach that unites us with our community partners, donors, and students can make a meaningful impact on the future of Liberia.


SERVICE- We believe that engaging in and encouraging youth at home and abroad in service-based education will provide generations a better future.

YesLiberia is a 501c3 charity organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service since July 2009. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.