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Our Founder

“When you’ve been through life’s challenges as a child, and overcome them through the grace of God, you are expected to live your life in a way that shows, beyond the walls of the church, what you believe as a Christian.” ~Jallah

With God’s help and his mother’s heroism, Jallah lived in remote villages, hid from rebel commanders recruiting child soldiers, and narrowly escaped being a child soldier during the Liberian Civil Wars.

Few years later, Jallah convinced his mother to send him back to school during the first “cease fire” agreement between warring factions. Because she couldn’t afford to send him to school, he had to sell doughnuts and water bottles on the streets of Monrovia to obtain his own elementary school tuition until a church organization began to pay his tuition in Monrovia, Liberia.

When the ceasefire ended, Jallah and his family were forced to live in refugee camps in Guinea and Ivory Coast and, later, as refugees in the United States.  After arriving in the United States, Jallah completed high school and matriculated into college.

In college, Jallah began paying tuition for poor high school students in Rwanda and Somalia– two countries that had just ended genocide wars.  In 2009, after the Liberian war ended, Jallah founded Youth Empowerment Services of Liberia, Inc. (YESLiberia) to help empower young Liberians with education, leadership skills, character building, and service learning opportunities.

Each year, YesLiberia’s Tuition Assistance Program sponsors 100 students across Liberia. YesLiberia, a 100% volunteer-run organization, has worked with more than 25 schools—impacting the lives of approximately thousands of students with academic supplies, leadership training, and tuition assistance.

In 2017, Jallah was selected as the Global Leader of GivingTuesday in Liberia. GivingTuesday is a community of millions, working in dozens of countries, with 60 Global Leaders, representing all causes, issues, faiths, and political views, striving toward a generous and just world.

In 2018, Jallah accepted the invitation to join the #GivingTuesday Board of Directors in New York, a role he currently holds while leading all GivingTuesday projects in Liberia.

Jallah has consulted charities and churches on practical methodologies and strategies for service, speaking at reputable events in the United States, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Liberia, Dominican Republic, and Kenya.

He has also led international Missions trips and Life Group and served on the Missions Committee.  He currently serves on his church Elder Board. Jallah has volunteered for organizations like the United Way, BuildOn, Save the Children, Acumen, and the Red Cross.

Professionally, Jallah is a Business Systems Analyst for Leidos, a US Department of Defense software development contractor. He holds a Project Management Certificate from the University of Delaware, a Masters from Wilmington University, a BSc from Penn State University, and an International Business Certificate from the National University of Singapore.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering, traveling, and exploring all things football (soccer).

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