We understand you may not have enough to help as much as you would like. None of us do. But if we wait to give, these children will grow up without the possibility to dream and plan for their own futures. From this page you can make a one time or automatic monthly donations in less time than it takes to refuel your car at the gas station. You can Become A Volunteer Fundraiser right now. Remember, volunteering enables a person to practice skills and leadership roles, which in turn makes his or her experience level more marketable to employers. A 13yr old and a 55yr old did it. You can do it too.

Tuition Assistance Program

We keep them in specific schools where Bible lessons are also allowed to be taught. Some years ago, YesLiberia's founder, Jallah, was one of the children we serve in Afri..

Solar Lanterns for Students

Quite recently, YesLiberia introduced a solar lantern pilot project to help dedicated students become honor roll students. These lanterns help students study at night in rural..

Students Pen Pal Program

Our Pen Pal Program allows for purposeful bedtime stories and prayers. Teachers, parents, homeschoolers and Sunday school teachers enjoy utilizing YesLiberia’s Pen-Pal Prog..