In today’s age of smartphones and computers, what does it mean to be engaged in a community? Is it being connected to one another by way of fiber optic cables and wide area networks? Or do we need face-to-face contact to make a difference in someone else’s lives?

To truly make a difference, a more unconventional approach is needed where the best of both worlds is combined: we need to use technology and interpersonal relations to create sustainable solutions. It’s in this way that we can come up with customized solutions designed for specific communities- solutions that may not make sense in another country or culture.

Picture a metropolitan city that held a breakdancing festival to promote youth involvement in urban arts. A good portion of the city turned out and the schools that the teens attended were well represented. But instead of stopping there, why not get other cities across this country involved? In this case, using technology meant that several cities were chosen to participate in a breakdancing competition all at the same time with each city “seeing” each other through real-time video. Not only were the teens in each city interacting with each other and youth from other schools in their city- a primary level of community engagement- but they also formed bonds with teens from cities all across the country. This is a perfect example of both short- and long-term solutions, with the first being that community engagement spread within a city, and the latter across a country.

This is the kind of unconventional approach that YESLiberia is driving at because we have the power to deeply impact people we’ve never met before. The difference between the have and have-nots is merely a matter of geography and you have the opportunity to make a lasting change. What seemed like a far-off idea even 20 years ago is now commonplace; using the Internet to connect with those around us and in different cities is just one way we can form partnerships and collaborations, shrinking the borders around us. By combining minimum resources, we can make a higher impact than ever before.

You can get involved quite easily and make more of a difference than you ever thought possible by giving your time to YESLiberia. We are constantly trying to look into the future by thinking of unconventional approaches because we’re able to pay it forward in a very effective way. We understand that your schedule is incredibly busy, but YESLiberia tries to make it as convenient for you as possible to be a volunteer or an intern. We use the Internet to reach people and connect them to others, building bridges and erasing borders.

Our founder believes to be an adult is to assume a sense of responsibility, and there is no greater way to accomplish that than by actively practicing community engagement. You can be part of a grassroot organization that capitalizes on the power of people- on the skills and abilities that you bring to the table. Who you are and how you were raised is unique, and exactly what YESLiberia is looking for. We seek real people with real ideas, people who can help make a visible impact on the world they live in by being a part of customized solutions designed to work in specific communities. That is our definition of community engagement via YESLiberia.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you live in Brooklyn or Great Britain, only that you want to make a difference. It’s through the differences in our personalities that we discover just how much we have in common with each other and can start to make partnerships that truly matter.