Written By: Tricia Wagga, YesLiberia’s Volunteer Coordinator

As a volunteer at YESLiberia, I am all too familiar with the challenges that face everyday Liberian children. Can you imagine losing your entire family to a virus like Ebola? Many of us in the United States have food security, but this is not the case for many children in Liberia today. The unemployment rate is very high so many people turn to crime such as theft to get food or money just to survive.

Educating Liberian children is a gift to these young people who have already lost so much and just want a chance at a bright future. The great Nelson Mandela said it best, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Let’s change the world for Liberian students today! These tuition payments are not very expensive and can allow a child to be able to get back in the classroom and receive not only knowledge, but a love for learning and the kinship that comes from being around other students.

In a time where the world is full of violence, corruption, greed and uncertainty, it is time to stand up and make a change. Each of us has the ability to create a positive ripple effect for children globally. If you look at the faces of these scholarship recipients, you will see young girls and boys who are enthusiastic about learning but, through no fault of their own, cannot afford the tuition required. You can help to change this and give them a bit of light in their lives when darkness has been there for so many months. If education is a gift for reducing poverty in Liberia, ensuring dedicated students are sponsored to continue their education in Liberia is crucial.

What Happens When You Sponsor A Child, You Ask?

Well, because transparency and accountability are embedded in our operating culture, your name will appear below the student’s profile immediately after you make a contribution as a sponsor. Then, in a few days, we’ll give you a call to thank you for your support. During our call with you, we will seek your suggestions and answer any questions you may have. Please provide your phone number and email address for contacting you.

During the school semester, you will also receive announcements on payment receipts when the tuition payments are made at the various schools in Liberia. We believe all of our sponsors and contributors have a right to a copy of the receipts. And at the end of the school year, we ask the students to write about how your sponsorship has impacted their lives. We share a copy of their letters with you as well. We do all of this because your support matters so much more to us. Because of donors like you, we are able to provide opportunities for talents to thrive in Liberia. Please make a donation today and encourage at least one person to sponsor a child too. We have more than 50 students who still need tuition sponsors. Would you be a sponsor today?

Please visit http://www.yesliberia.org/students/# and consider sponsoring a child’s tuition. You can make a difference today!