As YESLiberia’s team manager, I also manage our social media accounts. From the beginning of this Ebola outbreak, I have been spending many hours each day reading the news about Ebola and posting stories that I feel can educate you about this terrible virus. You have posted comments, shared posts and even sent messages asking us for ways to help get supplies to Liberians. We want to thank you for your engagement thus far with trying to help Ebola victims.

Throughout this crisis, true heroes have emerged. Now, many people know about people like Dr. Sheik Khan, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. Their names help to put a face to this unspeakable tragedy. Dr. Khan sadly gave his life to help Ebola victims in Sierra Leone. Dr. Brantly and Nancy Writebol decided to help Ebola victims even though they knew the virus would ultimately infect them as well. They are now recovering in the United States.

We want you to remember the unsung heroes as well. More than 60 health care workers have died helping victims. They made a choice to run to help when others would turn and flee. The spirit of those who are helping from agencies such as the WHO, CDC, MSF, GHM and Samaritan’s Purse is incredible.

Ebola kills people young and old. Sadly, many women have lost their lives to Ebola. There are numerous infants in isolation cribs across Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. We at YESLiberia hope to help make a difference in these efforts. Our founder, Z.J Jallah was interviewed on CBS Channel 3, Philadelphia Local News, about the losses that members of our organization have endured due to Ebola in Liberia. People who want to watch few seconds of the clip can view it at the link provided here.

Our hope is that people keep praying, donating and creating awareness to help fight Ebola. You can visit our website at to learn more about our Fight Ebola campaign. We want everyone to join hands to help save lives in West Africa. Your help can make a difference in helping to save Liberia.

Written by Tricia Wagga
Team Manager,
YesLiberia, Ic.