Meeting with volunteers and former board member SayeZonen (in white).

For the first time in 22 years, Jallah has returned to Liberia! He arrived safely in country and has already had opportunities to meet with our ministry partners and volunteer team on the ground.

In one of the initial meetings, Jallah and some of YesLiberia’s volunteers spent time discussing and planning the week’s activities. To the right, you can see a picture of the group including SayeZonen, a former YesLiberia board member, who will be volunteering during Jallah’s entire time in Liberia.

The group was also blessed to organize all of the donations that were brought to Liberia to give to our students. Items included 100 draw string bags (so that one can be given to each student), gift items, and two big barrels filled with supplies. God is good and it is through the generosity of our supporters that we are able to provide these items to our students in Liberia.

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Over the next month, we will be posting regularly about Jallah’s time in Liberia so be sure to check out our blog posts to hear more and leave comments for us below!


Gift items for the girl students in Liberia.

100 Draw string bags… enough for each of our students!

Other gift items for the students.

Two large barrels filled with supplies for our students!