Keisha Chapman joined our team as a board member. Keisha is a Christian and loves helping people. Her passion for service to marginalized individuals and communities is her primary reasons for joining YesLiberia. Keisha has volunteering experiences in nonprofit, fundraising, community outreach, and mission trips through her former church in Maryland.  Her professional background lies human services and politics – working as a Community Outreach Coordinator as a liaison in disadvantaged communities.  Helping the residents by linking them with job opportunities, housing, and life skills training.   In addition she worked with a media consultant firm as a Producer.  Handling projects for political clientele by crafting television and radio ads for local and national politicians.  She also worked with the US Chamber of Commerce and CTIA to promote cellphone safety awareness.  As a federal government employee she assisted constituents with various rules and regulations.  In her current position she works in the insurance industry trained in Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid, and HIPPA.

When asked why she’s interested in serving on our board, she replied: “to help enrich the lives of the children we serve; to assist in expanding YesLiberia’s presence in the region with potential donors, volunteers, and other nonprofit organizations; and to foster relationships by networking and creating partnership opportunities to help further YesLiberia’s mission.

Keisha currently lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and has one daughter. Along with her husband they founded True Abundant Life where they are committed to helping to reclaim our incarcerated youth, young adults, and their families to be reacclimated and become productive members of society.  She currently works for United Concordia (Highmark), and has studied at the University of Maryland University College ( UMUC). YesLiberia  is blessed to have her as a board member.

Carmen Staiano is a newest volunteer and will serve as a Partnership Representative. In this role, she will help manage our existing partnerships with student organizations while establishing new ones. Carmen comes with years of volunteer working for the Oxfam, AVSI Foundation, and Career Village. Her experience includes providing translations in German, English, French, and Italian for national and international NGIOs in Italy; teaching English and Italian, and providing personal career guidance to high school students as a mentor. Carmen is currently a graduate student studying Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy. She has an undergraduate degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation with a Minor in Education. We are happy to have her.