Solar Lanterns for Students

According to a World Health Organization research conducted in 2009, six out of every 10 Liberians are illiterates. This is due to a fourteen-year civil war that disenfranchised Liberians and prevented them from getting the proper education that would enable them to compete with their peers around the world. During these years, and a good chunk after, school-going-age children were deprived their fundamental right to education. Imagine a child’s life without schooling for over a decade. While this might seem unimaginable to many, it was and is still a reality for children and teens in Liberia. Those children, turned adults, are now navigating an education sector hampered by inadequate schools and supplies and lacked qualified teachers. The Tuition Assistance program, TAP, helps needy individuals in poverty-stricken communities develop their capacity for intellectual engagement. It is also a way for YESLiberia to make a deposit on an investment that gives a deserving child the chance to cultivate the bright future he/she richly deserves.

Since its inception, the TAP has helped over 350 students in seven schools in Liberia: from elementary to senior high school. With the help of donations, the program will be sustained and extended to rural regions that, most importantly, need the assistance.

Many of you have somehow benefited from the goodwill of others. Someone saw not only your potential, but that lacked of financial stability to make your dream a reality. Like you, thousands are hopelessly unable to meet the financial sacrifices education demands. So, as the goodwill of others have influenced your lives and helped you be successful, the onus is upon you to keep the door revolving and answer the call to influence the lives of others.