Moving Liberia forward

In this video, producer Cynthia, gives a brief synopsis on some of YesLiberia’s projects in Africa. To date, we’ve given over 350 scholarships in Africa, partnered with 9 schools in Africa, worked with approximately 90 volunteers, and provided school supplies for over 3000 kids, sent 4000 text books to Africa. We’ve also hired 4 interns in the USA with course credits benefits towards their graduations, and collaborated with student organizations at 8 universities across the USA. In Liberia, our efforts are also being supported by the University of Liberia. Tubman University, and the IT Department at the Executive Mansion. Simply put, if you’re a business, a student organization, or religious organization, we are the partner you’ve been looking for; if you’re a student with leadership skills, we are the place to build your resume; if you’re an individual or club looking for verification or proof to become a one-time or monthly donor, you’ve come to the right organization. Please contact us with any inquiries. We are eager to speak with you. Check out YesLiberia’s website for more details and updated information.