To help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Education in Liberia, we provide full scholarships for bright, yet marginalized, students to obtain education. To date, YesLiberia has helped 7,697 students to pay their tuition and continues to help scholars afford their education. We are devoted to providing children with the opportunity to get an education.


Up to 1k

Applicants and their parents
go through an interview process

June 1st - Dec 15th

Rolling application acceptance
between these dates


Scholarship Applications Received
for the current school year

Review the following eligibility requirement to determine if you are a candidate for this scholarship:

*Criterias with an asterisk must be met.


  • You are in between 4th and 12th grade or a college student. *
  • You are enrolled in one of the eligible schools.
  • You have at least an 87% average (GPA) or above a 3.70 GPA as a college student. *
  • You have clear financial need and are not already on another assistance program.
  • You have no disciplinary or attendance issues. *
  • You are willing to volunteer in your community, church, school, etc.
  • You have great written and oral communications skills. *
  • You currently reside in Liberia and is a Liberian. *

Step 1

Our local team will review your application

Step 2

Global team selects candidates

Step 3

Candidate interviews

Step 4

Successful applicants will be notified

Please review the items a candidate will need to have ready when completing the application.

  • You will need to submit an electronic/digital copy of:
    • your school information sheet for the current or previous school year
    • your most recent report card
    • your profile photo
    • a photo of you and your parents or guardians
  • Be prepared to write a brief response to one or two essay questions
  • NOTE: Depending on your network speed or your typing speed, the application may take one hour to complete

Your application will be evaluated using the information you provide. Please ensure that your entries are factual, correct, complete, and properly formatted. If your application is incomplete you may be asked for further supporting documentation or your application may be denied immediately.