A global community of givers dedicated to transforming our world through education.

A nonprofit organization comprised of members like you who are dedicated to living a legacy that makes a difference in the lives of Liberian youths who cannot afford an education. We give our time, talent, and treasures to raise funds for life-changing scholarships. We don't just talk about impact, we are the impact.

all hands on deck

100 percent of your donations go directly to ours students. Our board covers all the operational costs so your gifts can go where they matter most— to educating our 7694 students to date.

Our core values


With transparency, responsibility, and integrity, we initiate and implement programs for the benefit of the students and communities we serve.


We believe “paying it forward” creates a culture of generosity that improves the quality of life in the communities in which we work– home and abroad.


We believe a collaborative approach unites us with our community— our supporters and students can make a meaningful impact on Liberia's future.


We believe engaging and encouraging youth at home and abroad in service-based education will create a better future for everyone.

what we do

"Disregarding the plight of the underprivileged yields no resolution."

We expanded into providing quality transportation for our scholars, establishing scholarship criteria based on research from reputable international institutions, and partnering with grassroots organizations in Liberia to provide unconventional education for amazing students. We believe our work, combined with our collaborations with GivingTuesday, would bring a BETTER FUTURE AHEAD for Liberia.


Participate in a mutually beneficial partnership or collaboration that changes lives and contributes to our global future.